From: Mark Lyford, Founder & Director of Banx Capital Group
RE: The shockingly simple way to reduce your sales cost to zero!

Dear frustrated bank customer,

Wait a minute… “I’m not frustrated you might say”.

Dear smart business owner,

I have to start with a warning – when you read this letter you are probably going to be frustrated and maybe even a little bit angry.

But I guarantee that it will be worth it - read this entire letter and you will walk away a smarter, happier and more successful business owner!

I will guarantee you that when you read this letter you are going to be frustrated and maybe even a little bit angry.

You already know that there are costs and headaches associated with selling your products and services online.

But you probably haven’t sat down to list them all and calculate just how much of your potential profit is being skimmed daily – by things that are completely out of your control.

Or seemingly out of your control…

Because at the end of this letter you will be armed with the knowledge that will allow you to slash your costs, increase your revenue AND profits… and more importantly totake back control of your business.

But before we get to that lets have a look at some of the profit drains that are currently holding your business hostage…

We’ve all heard the horror stories of honest vendors being shut down by PayPal or their bank for making too much money too fast.

It is utterly ridiculous and online business is the only place where you will be punished for being too successful!

On top of that, you are required to follow their rules. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Clickbank etc. all of them have strict rules about what you can sell and how you can do it.

The rules rarely make sense, but nevertheless you are forced to dance to their tune, changing your advertising and offers to fit whatever the “Intern of the Day” has deduced from their obscure terms of service… almost always to the detriment of your bottom line.

You’re paying a 3% fee on all credit card transactions and if you are using a merchant account the fee is even higher.

Maybe you are using PayPal as you payment processor and those bloodsuckers will charge you a 5% transaction fee on average only to come back and demand a second fee when you try to spend or withdraw your money.

Doesn’t matter who you use; Clickbank, JVZoo, PayPal or your own merchant account. All these service will leech at least 5% of your revenue before it even it hits your account!

Clickbank, JVZoo, PayPal or your own merchant account. All these service will leech at least 5% of your revenue before it even it hits your account!

PayPal will often slap a rolling reserve on your account, keeping up to 50% of your revenue for as long as 180 days.

Credit cards companies like Visa and MasterCard routinely make you wait 30 days before releasing your money.

This waiting period can create huge cash flow problems in your business, especially if your business is seasonal or characterized by product launch spikes – as many online businesses are.

You have to pay wages, restock goods, pay your sever fees etc. Meanwhile the payment processing companies are holding your hard earned money hostage, lining their own pockets with interest payments that rightfully should belong to you!

On average 1% of all online credit card transactions result in a chargeback and if you are selling high-ticket items (over $2,500) the rate can surge as high as 3.5%

The worst thing about chargebacks is that you have absolutely no control.

The credit card companies and banks will yank the money straight out of your account and they don’t care that you have already shipped your product, delivered your service or download.

To rub salt in the wound they will shove the entire liability on to your shoulders and make you pay a hefty fee for each chargeback.

This is all done in the name of consumer protection and fraud prevention.

But to be honest… If the credit card companies were serious about fraud protection they would stop the transaction before it was completed.

Refunds are an even bigger risk to your financial and mental well being!

The reality is that the payment processors profit from every single chargeback and you foot the bill!

And that’s just chargebacks… refunds are an even bigger risk to your financial and mental well being!

You don’t need to see a lot of refund request before you come to the realization that 99% of them are just people looking for a freebie.

Yet popular digital marketplaces like Clickbank require you to abide by their strict 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. They give you no choice and will simple take the money out of your account as soon as someone asks for a refund, no matter how frivolous the reason.

2 things in life are always certain… Death and taxes. But actually that should be 3 things – the 3rd being bureaucracy.

No government anywhere in the world can resist the temptation to burden us business owners with more red tape - and an army of accountants and bookkeepers are more than willing to help you wade through the muck – for a sizeable fee of course.

Recently the European Union put a new set of VAT rules in to place. You now have to register for VAT in all 28 member states. Collect and remit VAT according to the local rates in each country (and of course they are all different)

The US government requires you to keep detailed records of all your affiliates, how much you pay them, when, how and why – lest they be terrorist (or worse tax evaders).

No government anywhere in the world can resist the temptation to burden us business owners with more red tape

And most countries require you to fill up your offices with filing cabinets full of physical records of all your online transactions, going back 5 years or more.

Most of these rules are archaic, yet we have no choice but to fork out more money to our accountants so we can comply with big brother’s wishes.

When selling your products and services online you operate in a global market place. Your customers, partners, affiliates etc. are spread all over the globe and you will often have to send and receive money in currencies different from you own.

The problem is that your bank will charge you a sizeable fee every time you receive or purchase foreign currency.

This is like playing a game of Monopoly where the guy controlling the bank is cheating!

Don’t even get me started on PayPal… Not only do they charge you a fee, their exchange rates are so skewed in their favor it makes the fee seem positively innocent.

Finally you get your money, what’s left of it anyway…

The central banks of the world are in the middle of the most dangerous economic experiment in history.

In the name of quantitative easing they are printing money faster than ever before. But of course you can’t actually create value out of thin air.

The result is a galloping inflation and in the US alone the real annual inflation for the USD is around 5% a year… with that in mind those Dollars, Pounds or Euro you have sitting in the bank suddenly don’t look at good anymore.

You could put your nest egg into stocks or bonds instead, but with a Eurozone collapse and a US debt ceiling crisis looming just around the corner there is no telling what will happen.

That’s right!

When you add up all of the expenses above you will quickly see that on average all online business lose 20 cents of every dollar!

And that’s before taxes, wages and other costs!

This is a huge loss for ANY business…

But so far we have all been “happy” to pay these costs… Simply because we had no choice.

If we wanted to sell our products and services online, we had to drink the payment processor’s Kool-Aid.

But here’s the good news… You now have a choice!

With the help.

But before we get into exactly how accepting Bitcoin in your business will slash your risk and cost to almost zero…

I just want to quickly to let you know why I’m more excited about Bitcoin than anything else I have seen online, because…

My name is Mark Lyford and I am the founder and director of Banx Capital.

I have been an online entrepreneur since 1997 and over these years have run over 32,000 websites. I have made millions of dollars online, seen bubbles come, go and burst.

During this time only a handful of opportunities have truly excited me.

The potential that Bitcoin and crypto currencies have to change the commercial world and the way we do business is as big as when email was introduced. 

I have the same gut feeling and excitement now that I did back when I made my first dollar online in 1998.

That’s why I decided to dedicate my entire professional life to this topic. I have spent years studying every aspect of it and without tooting my own horn too loudly – I can safely say that I am an expert on Bitcoin and especially on its application for online business and ecommerce.

My goal is to create the education, tools and infrastructure that will allow normal businesses like yours to implement Bitcoin in their every day operations.

And that’s great news for your bottom line, since…

If you start allowing people to purchase your products and services with Bitcoin, you can, without fail, instantly combat all the problems I mentioned above.

For every problem, Bitcoin offers an easy solution.

Bitcoin is completely decentralized and nobody is ever going to tell you what you can or can’t sell.

Neither are they going to tell you that you have to change your sales message or marketing material.

You get to jump back in the drivers seat and run things exactly the way you want to.

You get to set your own refund and return policy…

And more importantly, you get to make more money because you can run the most effective ads and campaigns, instead of being stifled because you have to please the might Visa or PayPal.

Zero transactions fees!

Yes you read that right!

When you accept Bitcoin as payment for your products and services you pay zero transactions fees!

The 5% or more you have been paying for each transaction will now go straight to your profit column.

Bitcoin payments will instantly hit your account, no matter where in the world your

customer is based and there are no 3rd party processors that want to hold on to your money for 30 days or more.

You get your money instantly, ending all cash flow worries and allowing you to focus on more important things… reaching more customers and making more money!

The main reason nobody needs to hang on to your money is that…

No more cash flow issues. Bitcoin payments are instant.

Bitcoin transaction are not only instant, they are also irreversible!

When someone has sent you a payment in Bitcoin, nobody can ever claw back that money!

With Bitcoin you will never see another chargeback and that is a guarantee!

In technical terms Bitcoin is a push system (people actively push money into your account), whereas credit cards, PayPal and similar are pull systems (they authorize money to be pulled from their accounts and put into yours).

With a push system chargebacks are simply not possible as nobody has the authority to pull the money back from you… With Bitcoin you will never see another chargeback and that is a guarantee!

Nobody can force you to do a refund either. You get to set you own refund policy and decide exactly who gets refunded, if any.

The benefits are obvious.

First of all it will increase your profits as you both get to keep more money and save on expensive chargeback fees.

Secondly you won’t have the problem of already having shipped or delivered your product when people ask for a refund or initiate a chargeback. You will receive payment for everything you sell, and never be forced to “give” your product away for free.

Not to mention the great feeling it is to be able to deny refunds to people who are obviously just trying to game the system and get your product for free.

Bitcoin is a truly global currency. You can use it to pay for waffles in Seattle, a taxi ride in Nairobi and anything in between.

You don’t have to convert your online earnings into your local currency, saving you tons of money in fees and kissing goodbye to the abomination that is PayPal’s currency conversion rates.

You can simply hold on to your Bitcoin, which reaps you another huge benefit.

Unlike traditional fiat currencies like the US Dollar, which is losing value and buying power daily due to greedy central bankers covering up failed policies…

With Bitcoin, the days of extortionate fees and unfair exchange rates are over!

Bitcoin has a finite supply and as such will never be a subject to inflation!

Bitcoin make bookkeeping a LOT easier.

There is no longer a need to hang on to the old filing cabinets filled with useless paper copies of all your transactions as all your Bitcoin transaction are securely stored online the blockchain

No longer a need to hang on to the old filing cabinets filled with useless paper.

Regarding the folly of the recent changes to VAT in the European Union…

Recently Switzerland implemented new regulation making all Bitcoin transactions VAT exempt.

Now Switzerland is not part of the EU, but they are in the ECC and the EU have a long history of looking at the powerhouse Swiss financial sector for inspiration.

It’s widely expected that the EU will follow the Swiss lead making Bitcoin the only way out of the VAT debacle!

Contrary to what the mainstream media wants you to believe most users see Bitcoin as money to spend, not as an investment to hold onto.

There are millions of people all over the world, spending Bitcoin every single day – and they wish they had more places to spend it!


More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin, both
online and offline every day, big companies like Namecheap, Zynga, Dell and Microsoft have started accepting Bitcoin.

It’s not a coincidence that big companies like Namecheap, Zynga, Dell and Microsoft have started accepting Bitcoin.

They all realized that there is an untapped group of consumers with a lot of spending power.

After implementing Bitcoin all of these companies have seen the same trend, their revenue went up!

You may have expected that some of their normal sales would just switch to Bitcoin, with the overall volume being the same.

However their sales in USD and other traditional currency stayed the same and the Bitcoin sales were 100% new sales, adding extra revenue and profit to their bottom line.

If you start accepting Bitcoin in your business you will almost certainly see the same thing.

People are desperate for places to spend their Bitcoin, giving them the option will make them flock to your product and thank you for giving them the opportunity to spend it with you.

This will give you a leg up on your competition, create raving fans and make more money!

While it’s great that big corporations have started accepting Bitcoin, they are all missing out on a huge opportunity too.

They are all instantly converting their Bitcoin into traditional fiat currency.

Look at it this way, the real annual inflation for the USD is around 5% a year, while BTC has on average appreciated at about 400% a year since inception.

Bitcoin allows you to completely bypass the corrupt banking system. Even better, the fee for sending money is not even close to 3.5 %... With Bitcoin the fee for sending money is only $0.01!

If they were to just hold onto a few percent of their Bitcoin they would be able to combat inflation and come out ahead. Keeping more it could mean a windfall for their shareholders.

Bitcoin is still relatively new and thus volatile.

However, it’s a finite commodity. We know exactly how many Bitcoins will be issued and we can precisely predict the amount of BTC in the system at any given point in the future.

This means that it’s also relatively easy to predict the future value of Bitcoin and most industry experts expect it to stabilize at around $500 within a year or two (at the current time of writing one BTC is worth $250)

You have the choice to hold on to a portion of your Bitcoin, beating inflation and potentially double your money within a year.

You could sell your product for $50 today and cash out $100 a year from now!  

There is no other asset management tool, stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. that can offer you the same return that Bitcoin offers!

Hopefully by now you understand the amazing potential Bitcoin offers you as a business owner and you are ready to start accepting it as payment for your products and services.

But there is one small problem…

Geeky mathematicians and computer programmers designed Bitcoin and the whole ecosystem around it.

If you don’t know your blockchain from your hash rate, it can all be a little overwhelming. And with it being a new technology there is a steep learning curve.

But that’s why we are here.

The demand for a safe alternative will be huge. Bitcoin will not only protect your assets it will automatically grow them..

Our goal is to completely cut out the learning curve, provide you with all the information and tools you need… So you can start profiting by accepting Bitcoin immediately with minimum hassle!

We are a Bitcoin business that is in it for the long haul not like all these other so called experts that sell you dreams of getting rich quick with Bitcoin.

Due to our size and focus, we can offer you all the software, infrastructure and knowledge you need in one place… Making your transition to Bitcoin a breeze.

We understand that you have a business to run and can see the potential of Bitcoin so we won’t waste your time telling you things you don’t need to know.

We will just get to the point of showing you exactly what you need to know to get up and running and accepting Bitcoin in your current business!

Obviously we could charge big bucks for a solution that has been proven to reduce cost and increase profits.

That’s not what we are about though; we want to empower as many business owners as we possibly can.

That being said there is a very real limit on how many new customers we can take on and still live up to our own high standards and desire to over deliver.

Our solution is to turn this course into a membership site with a monthly recurring cost.

But right now, and from this special page only... You can get your hands on the Digital Money Revolution for a low one-time early bird price.

And when you order today you'll be "grandfathered" in and receive free access and updates for life!

For the next few people who order we will even add this...

See you inside,

Mark Lyford
Banx Capital

P.S. The only way to lose here is to fail to take action, to stay with your head buried in the sand and everyone's hands in your pockets. It's time to say 'Yes!' - Yes to keeping more of the revenue you work hard for and yes to potentially hundreds of new customers...

Bitcoin is here to stay and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by implementing it in your business. Digital Money Revolution really is the most effective way to quickly start profiting from Bitcoin!

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